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We have included the size of the banks assets;

while size alone does not determine the solvency of a bank.

It will quickly show you the relative ranking of your Banks assets

Every Year,a certain number of banks will fail.

In times of economic problems ,since 2008,09,10..

the financial stress on Banks Increases.

The number and size of the institutions that will fail Grows.

People lose their life savings

But American bank customers can sleep at night ,

as long as they make sure that there precious savings

are in a Bank whose deposits are covered by FDIC insurance.

Don't be a statistic

But how do you know

if your savings are covered?

You need to do two things:

1 ] Determine if the institution you bank at,

is a member of the FDIC insurance program.

Do that easily, by selecting the state where the bank is located,

from the drop down menu above

2] Review the kind of account and its size,

to ensure that it qualifies for FDIC coverage:

do that HERE

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